Comic book pencil case

This pencil case uses the method of candy wrapping, and it was inspired by Retro Faerie Craft Tutorials. This is quite a time-consuming project but the outcome is worth the effort.

You will need:

  • Comic book
  • Needle and thread
  • Zipper 
  • Clear packing tape
  • Felt/fabric
  • Cardboard template (5cm×12cm)
  • Glue gun/sewing machine/sewing kit


To make the links, draw out the rectangles using the cardboard template. If you are using a comic book or magazine you can cut several rectangles at the same time. For this exact size pencil case, I used 176 links.

First, fold it in half and then fold the edges in.


Fold them together, like shown, and cover it in tape. This is in order for it to be more sturdy and make it water proof.


After it is covered in tape, fold each side into the middle and then fold into the middle again as shown. This is one link.


(Due to the tape, the folds might not stay, but then you start linking them the will stay.)

To link them together feed the loops of one link through the loops of the other. Continue this pattern until you have a chain of 44 links.


Next, you need to link the ends in order to create a circle. Pull out the loops of the end link.


Feed the pulled out ends through the middle of the first link in the chain and fasten them back in place at the bottom. This might be a little difficult as you are dealing with small bits and tight spaces so it might be helpful to use tweezers.

Now you have one layer and just repeat the process three more times.


To fasten these layers together you will need needle and thread. You will need to have layers facing the same way so it links up like shown in the picture.


Start by going up one side of the link of the bottom layer and down the other side of the same link and tie some knots.


Then go up through the first link of the bottom layer, and down through the link of the second layer.


Continue this pattern all the way around. (If you run out of thread before reaching the end just tie a knot and start from where you ended with a new thread and start like you did in the beginning). Fasten the next layers the same way.

Next, you will need to tie the bottom together. Tie a knot like done before when fastening the layers in the middle of the bottom layer. Then go up one link like done before.


Then  pull the thread up through the adjoining link on the other side


Go back and forth twice in order for it to stay and then continue this pattern to one side.


Then go back to the middle and work your way out to the other side.


The next step is to attach the zipper. To make this easier, I chose to sew the zipper on fabric and make an inside pocket for the pencil case. First, you will need to align the zipper to the side of the fabric that will be the outside of the pocket.


You can sew this by hand or use a glue gun, however, I used a sewing machine. Then fasten an identical piece of fabric to the other side of the zipper the same way. Fold it over so the zipper is the right way.DSC_0969

Measure the inside of the pencil case and sew all the sides of the pocket accordingly.


Next, you need to sew the pocket to the inside of the pencil case. Place the pocket inside with the zipper open. Thread the needle under the seam inside the pocket and through the hole in the corner of the links on the outside.


Pull through the link on the outside and pull it through the hole in the corner next to it and back in under the seam inside the pocket.


Continue all the way around and tie a couple of knots and you have your finished candy wrapper comic strip pencil case.



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