Candle making and decorating

You will need:

  • Old candles
  • Wicks (you can buy them from Amazon or make your own with these instructions)
  • Juice carton or similar or small glass jars of some kind
  • Tissue paper
  • Wax paper


First, cut out the wick of the old candles and chop them up into smaller pieces.


Add them to your pot and melt them completely.


Dip the bottom of the wick in the melted candle wax and place it in your glass or carton.


Fill, the glass with the melted wax either fill it with one colour or fill a portion and let it cool to add other colours. I filled the bottom of the glass with a little bit of white and added blue, purple and a little whit on top. (Make sure the wick stays in place by tying it around a toothpick or something similar, across the top of the glass/carton).


I waited until the wax was almost hardened each time and added the next layers in order to get a smooth transition


I filled a square carton with two different shades of white candle wax and did the same transition as the multicoloured one.

The next two candles were store bought and decorated with printed tissue paper. For instructions on how to print patterns or pictures onto tissue paper check out my blog post on DIY puzzle.


Bilderesultat for flower pattern drawing DSC_0809

Pattern from Pinterest

Place the patterned tissue paper on the candle and place a sheet of wax paper over it. Use a hair dryer to heat up the wax in order for the tissue paper to stick and melt into the candle.


Repeat for any other designs

Bilderesultat for flower pattern DSC_0827

Pattern from Freepik

You can also reuse scented candle wax and tea light holders.



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