DIY puzzle

For this DIY puzzle you will need:

  • Blank puzzle
  • Printer
  • Picture
  • Tissue paper + printer paper
  • Stick & Spray
  • Decoupage varnish-glue
  • Paint brush
  • Tapestry Knife
  • Scissors


First, spray the regular printer paper with the stick and spray and apply the tissue paper with as little creases as possible.


Cut off the excess tissue paper and clean up the edges


Measure the length and width of your puzzle and make your selected photo the same size. Place the tissue paper in the printer and print out the picture.


Cut around the photo before removing the tissue paper from the printer paper.


Carefully remove the tissue paper from the printer paper. It may roll together so use something to hold it down and flatten a little


Apply the decoupage glue to your puzzle pieces only and apply the picture.


Apply a coat of the decoupage varnish-glue on top to set the photo in place and to give it a little shine.


Let it dry and carefully cut around the puzzle pieces with a thin sharp knife.


Clean up all the edges and take the puzzle apart to properly separate all the pieces


Put the pieces together and you can also add the full picture to a box so you have a photo to go after and a place to keep your pieces. I made this from an empty box of chocolate and brown paint and glued on the picture with a white paper frame around it.



Now you have a puzzle which is a great gift with a little personal touch. The picture can be of anything and so it can make a great Mother’s day gift with a  personalised message or photo.


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