DIY Greeting Cards

Here are some ideas on how to make your own birthday cards, thank you cards, or maybe Valentines cards.

For these you will need:

  • A4 or A5 sheets of plain paper
  • Decorations of choice:
    – colourful paper
    – ribbons (Paperchase)
    – stamps (Paperchase)
  • Glue
  • Scissors


First, cut out some card shapes. I went for quite classic shapes, but feel free to get creative with the designs.


1. Birthday card (blue)

Cut a strip of blue heart paper and glue it to the edge of the card. Then use a ‘Happy Birthday’ stamp and a heart with blue and black ink.

dsc_0717 dsc_0720

2. Tree design card

Cut a square of the tree designed paper in line with the top left corner of the card and glue it on. Then use a gold ink pad and dab on the edges of the card to give it a rough nature look.

dsc_0721 dsc_0725

3. Thank You card

Cut a ribbon in line with the bottom edge of the card and glue it on. Use a ‘Thank You’ stamp and mix the silver and gold ink.

dsc_0726 dsc_0729

4. Valentines Day card

Cut three heart shapes from the red heart paper descending in size and glue them on so they interlink.Use the red and black ink pad and colour the edges of the card.


5. Other designs

Cut and glue ribbons on the edge of the card and use a star stamp with blue and silver ink and overlap the stamping in a cluster from the top left corner down towards the right corner.dsc_0733

Use the heart stamp and a black ink and cover the whole card. Use the black and silver ink around the edge of the card. Use a ‘To’ and ‘From’ inside the card.


Now you have a selection of personalised greetings card for birthdays, mothers day, valentines day or any occasion that might pop up!



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