Get organised!

It’s a new year and it is time to start fresh and get organised for work or school.

Here are some tips on how to organise both your papers and other bits laying around messing up your desk.

1. Creative Ring Binder

You will need:


First, if you want to keep the label on the end of the ring binder, you can carefully cut it off before you start decoupaging.


Next, remove the white layers of the serviette and then cover the whole outside of the ring binder in the decoupage varnish-glue and fasten the serviette to it. Then cover the outside of the serviette with the decoupage varnish-glue to set it.

img_2571   img_2573

Wait about 2 hours for it to dry and glue the label back, and you have a fun ring binder to organise your papers in!


2. Mini shelf system

For this you will need:

  • A  mini shelf system (for the one I used click here)
    Alternative: From
  • Découpage varnish-glue
  • Serviettes/tissue paper of choice
  • Paint brush
  • Scissors


First, pull out a drawer and shape a serviette to fit it and apply the varnish-glue to all the sides of the drawer and fasten the serviette (remember to remove the white layer of the serviette). Cover the whole outside with the varnish to set.

img_2576  img_2579

Repeat for the rest of the drawers and let them dry for approximately 2 hours. Repeat the procedure on the remainder part.

img_2581   img_2584

Cut and shape the edges and apply varnish to the outside. You now have a creative mini drawer to organise hair accessories, paper clips, or any little things laying around creating a mess.


3. Cotton pad dispenser

You will need:

  • A cylindrical tube of some sort (used for this: an empty cappuccino box. Alternative: pringles can)
  • Serviette/paper tissue of choice
  • Découpage varnish-glue
  • A cutter
  • Scissors
  • White paint (optional)


First, remove the label in order for it to not show through the serviette or tissue paper. Then shape the serviette to fit the can and remove the white layers of it.


Apply the varnish on the can and fasten the serviette and set it with the varnish. Apply the white layer of the serviette to the lid and paint white (optional). Let it dry for approximately 2 hours and cut a half circle at the bottom of the can.

img_2598  img_2603

Put cotton pads in and put on the lid and you have yourself a cotton pad dispenser for easy access and no more mess in your bathroom drawers.



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