Last minute Halloween Decorations

Here are some quick and easy Halloween decorations using mostly things you can find around the house.

1. Tissue Paper Ghosts

You will need:

  • Paper tissues
  • A black sharpie
  • Needle and thread (preferably white)


First, crumble a tissue and cover it with another tissue

Draw the face you want carefully so the sharpie does not poke through the tissue paper.


Thread the needle with the white thread through the “head” of the ghost and add as many ghosts as you like to the line.

Find a place to hang them and voila!


2. Decorative candle

You will need:

  • A plain coloured candle
  • Green and Orange Paint
  • Paintbrush


This idea is pretty straight forward. Choose a design and paint accordingly

For a more decorative shelf add some cobweb and spiders made from cotton pads and paper spider cutouts.



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